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Hurrah! Don't know why, but my DA account has decided to work again, so I can upload my latest stuff! *victory dance* Wow, it's been FOREVER since I was last on here, so much has gone off in my life in the time since :$ My family has gone through a lot of ups & downs. Firstly both of my nana's having a stroke, but luckily they pulled through - even though my Mum's mum was left 10 hours before she was found :$ She's not 100% & never will be again, which is sad coz she was always so independant, but at least things have improved greatly & she's still with us. She's recently began to do her knitting again, which she wasn't able to do for a long time, & she loved knitting, so that's something. My other Nana is doing fine for a good old age of 91 *touch wood*. Although my Aunt has been hospitalised for what the doctors are describing to be a 'mystery illness' despite her being ill since June last year. It's been a struggle, but at least she's home now & growing a little stronger every day.
My dad got the all clear from prostate cancer *touch wood*, which is awesome :D & Kai (my beardy) had fully recovered from his scepticaemia - he very happily spat out his feeding tube. So he can now carry on living his usual beardy life - at the minute that involves running around & nodding in various directions - or at me if he sees me looking XD

Unfortunatley we lost our wonderful chocolate lab Harri just after christmas ;( He was the best dog we'd ever had, but unfortuantly his back legs had gotten really bad & we decided that it wasn't fair to let him suffer anymore. At least we still had one last christmas with him. I'll never 'get over' him as such, but at least now I can finally look at his photo without getting tearful; I'm planning to get his paw prints tattoed. At least the night before we took him to the vets he made a last effort to play with my other dogs & their new toys - he didn't stand up & run around with them, but he still played tug of war with them & looked livlier & happier then he had in weeks,so at least I have some happy last memories of him.

Further more, I'm going for a college course interview to Broooksby Melton College after near enough 10 years of being out of a studious environment. Although I hate the term 'mature student' *shudders*. Hopefully I can start to put myself on to the path towards a career which I'll love & fine a lot more fullfilling. Although I admit to being a tad 'nervoucited' about the whole thing (an MLP FIM Pinkie Pie quote in case you didn't know XD it's nervouse & excited in one). Yup, I'm still a MLP nerd & always will be. IT'S PART OF MY DNA DAMMIT!!! XD I've gotten use to the idea of deadlines from my writing course & photo club, & the course I'm planning to do is only one day a week so I'm not going to turn into Tweek from South Park again ('pressure, too much pressure!!!').

As for some of my stories, I'm gonna type them up & put some on here, they're nothing to do with any existing category -so no fan fics ect - but hopefully I can get some feed back for them. I'm gonna try & put together some of my short stories to try & self publish them on Amazon - it's a more modern way into getting the attention of an agent & becomming published, or so my writing club teacher says :p but I have NO idea how to go about doing it :$

I've also decided to start practising Wicca - although after reading various books by the late Scott Cunningham I've realised that for the majority of my life I've pretty much been acting as a Wiccan would without even realising it! XD Maybe I was one in a past life? Who knows...Anyhoo, I find that meditation & relaxation techniques work really well - especially for anxiety - & I get to follow something that reflects on things that are important to me - i.e. living WITH nature with minimum negative impact to the environment & respecting wildlife as an equal, not a subservant - although that's something I've always tried to do without knowing it was Wiccan. I don't follow individual dieties as such, but I've always felt I guess you could say 'spiritual' when around nature, it's the one true place that I feel fully relaxed & happy, but I see the world as a kind of 'energy'. Hm, I guess the easiest way to describe it for me is similar to the film Avatar by James Cameron, Eywa, the spiritual 'diety' so to speak (or energy) of all life. Ok, I hope I don't sound too preachy, I'm not trying to convert anyone, but I see Wicca as a way of life, not a religion as such, but that's just me; but that's the beauty of Wicca, there are no 'higher archies' or set rules, it's different & personal to each person, whether you practice solitarily or as part of a Coven. I work alone by preference, coz this year is about me & me taking care of my own needs & interests. Again, I'm mentioning this as news, I'm not trying to convert anyone.
I'm also taking more of an interest in the Spiritual ways of the American Indian women known as The 13 Original Clan Mothers. A friend at my writing club goes to the meetings, & apparantly through meditation & various other rituals you can find out what your own spiritual animal guide is. She found out that hers was a crow, even though she hadn't really felt anything in particular towards crows before. She didn't dislike them, but she'd never favoured them either so she thought it was quite strange; but the whole experience gave her a kind of in depth epiphany to her own spirituality. I hope I get to discover mine :) I'll let you know if I do!

Also, NEW SERIES OF THE WALKING DEAD!!!! :D *dances* now I get to see how they're gonna portray a particularly strange part of the comic - I wonder if Rick will make the same extremely retarded mistakes u.u~
I also hope that Carol come back, I miss her - F**K YOU RICK!!! Plus I get to goggle at the ultimate smexyness of our fave Daryl Dixon aka Norman Reedus ;-) Is it just me, or does it look like he has a black eye in the adverts when he's sitting round a fire with Beth, when did THAT happen??!! O_o~

Anyhoo, that's pretty much all I can think of. So seya for now, & on to uploading!! :D
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Alexa Rose
United Kingdom
Goth girl of 24, interested in the weird & wonderful ^_^ I'm also, punk, rock & steam punk, & a cleptic when it comes to music-basically, if it sound good to my ears I'll listen! I love tattoos & peircings, reading & writing & occationally gaming. I have a thing for old books. I also love animals. I have an account on, so feel free to check it out ^_^

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